Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis

The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis is an independent, nonpartisan research organization specializing in national security, foreign policy, and defense planning issues. We help senior government policy makers, industry leaders, and officials in the public policy community make informed decisions in a dynamic and unpredictable global security environment. IFPA staff is a mix of scholars, business professionals, retired military officers, and foreign policy specialists who bring a uniquely broad array of talents and experiences to every task they undertake.

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  • Our Strengths

    • Identifying global and regional trends and assessing their implications for policy planners
    • Translating policy options into concrete program decisions
    • Designing strategic plans for government and industry clients
    • Establishing strategic partnerships with industry, think tanks, academia and government
  • Our Products & Services

    • Focused studies and quick-reaction analyses on current and emerging national security/foreign policy issues
    • Classified and unclassified workshops and briefings in support of government and private-sector clients
    • Public outreach programs, including the organization of major conferences and smaller seminars
    • Creation and conduct of simulation and gaming exercises
    • Strategic planning for industry and federal and state government agencies
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our strengths
products & services