Serving the Private Sector

Policy-planning Perspectives

With its unique perspectives on the policy-planning process, IFPA offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of business and industry, including:

  • Analysis of defense-related policies and programs being developed by the U.S. government and by other governments and international organizations
  • Government relations and public affairs
  • Political risk analysis
  • Competitor and teaming evaluation
  • Opportunity identification and assessment
  • Merger, acquisition, and joint venture assessments
  • Strategic planning and implementation

Foundations and IFPA

Foundation grants provide a vitally important source of support to enable IFPA to undertake innovative, cutting edge projects. Such work contributes to new thinking on twenty-first-century national security issues.

Current and Recent Foundation-supported Projects

  • New Strategic Dynamics in the Arctic Region: Implications for National Security and International Collaboration
  • Rethinking Deterrence for the Twenty-first Century
  • The Implications of a Nuclear Iran for U.S. Security
  • The U.S.-Japan Alliance and the Future of Extended Deterrence
  • A Nuclear Weapon-free Korean Peninsula
  • Disaster Diplomacy, National Security, and International Cooperation
  • Global and Local Civil-Military Disaster Relief Coordination in the United States and Japan
  • North American Homeland Security and Defense: Enhancing U.S Joint Planning and Cooperation with Canada and Mexico in the War against Terrorism
  • A Net Assessment of Space and U.S. National Security
  • Missile Defense and Counter-proliferation Strategy