A study on: Exploring U.S. Missile Defense Requirements in 2010: What Are the Policy and Technology Challenges?

David R. Tanks
April 1997

David R. Tanks - Researcher

What Are the Policy and Technology Challenges?


Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Understanding the Problem
The Migration of Knowledge and the Spread of Manufacturing Infrastructure
The Leakage of Armaments and Advanced Technologies
The Future Strategic Environment
ICBM Developmental Challenges
The Cruise Issue
Summary of Potential Challenges
Countermeasures to Anticipated U.S. Missile Defenses
Chapter 2: Russia: Friend, Foe, or Accidental Threat?
Strategic Setting
Russia's Apparent National Objectives
Russia's Ballistic Missile Development Activities
Russia's Technology Transfer Potential
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Missile Systems
Security of Russia's Strategic Missile Force
Chapter 3: China and the Northeast Asian Powers: The Great Challenge of Tomorrow?
Korea, the Paradox in Northeast Asia's Future?
Japan, the Dark Horse of East Asia
China, the Great Conundrum Of the 21st Century?
China's Apparent National Objectives
China's Security Concerns
China's General Military Modernization Efforts
Apparent Ballistic Missile Developments
Future Strategic Direction
China's Technology Transfer Potential
Proliferation: Weighing China's Apparent Contributions
Chapter 4: From India to North Africa: Sowing A Missile Crop
India: Great Hopes, Limited Means — A Surprise In The Offing?
India's Apparent National Objectives
India's General Military Situation
Apparent Missile Developments
India's Potential As a Source of Proliferation
Conclusions: India
Pakistan: A Gateway to Westward Proliferation?
Pakistan and the "Bomb"
Looking at the Missile Issue
Pakistan as a Proliferator
Iran: Headed for a National Deterrent?
Iran's Security Policy Objectives
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Iranian Missiles: A Sought-After Capability
Iran Conclusions
Iraq: Awaiting Resurrection
Other Players
Chapter 5: Assessing the U.S. Missile Defense Program
Ballistic Missile Penetration Options
Assessing the Target Array
U.S. Missile Defense Program
Future Missile Defense Program Requirements
Other Technology-Related Issues
Organizational Considerations
Chapter 6: Findings and Recommendations