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IFPA regularly publishes special reports and monographs on topics of importance to the foreign affairs and security studies communities. The Institute also publishes summary reports on conferences, workshops, special studies, and seminars held by the Institute. Following are all publications completed since 2018 . Please visit our Archived Publications page for a list of earlier materials.

Most publications are available for download at no charge. To order a publication that is not available for download, click on the Available for Purchase link to purchase the publication online through PayPal, or telephone IFPA directly at 617-492-2116 to request a publication. You can also go directly to the Order Publications page to view and select from the complete list of publications available for purchase (but not for download).

major publications
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    National Security Update 14: The Impact of the Coronavirus on Future Defense Budgets
    June 2020, 13 pp

    National Security Upate 13: Accessing the Technologies and Capabilities of the U.S. Commercial High-Tech Sector: A Defense Department Priority
    March 2020, 17 pp

    National Security Update 12: Status of 2020 Defense Authorization/Appropriations and NDAA Highlights
    January 2020, 19 pp

    National Security Update 11: Hypersonic Missiles and U.S. Security
    November 2019, 17 pp

    IFPA National Security Update 10: The Military Applications and Use of Artificial Intelligence
    September 2019, 15 pp

    IFPA National Security Update 9: The Trump Administration’s Executive Order on Electromagnetic Pulse
    July 2019, 14 pp

    IFPA National Security Update 8: The Trump Administration’s Space Force Proposal: Status and Prospects for Approval in Congress
    June 2019, 14 pp

    IFPA National Security Update 7: The 2019 Missile Defense Review - Strengths and Weaknesses
    April 2019, 16 pp

    IFPA National Security Update 6: The Trump Administration's Space Force
    November 2018, 15 pp

    National Security Update 5: The Trump 2018 Nuclear Posture Review
    February 2018, 9 pp

    National Security Update 1: The Trump Administration and Missile Defense
    June 2017

    National Security Update 2: A Two-Pronged Strategy to Counter the Electromagnetic Pulse Threat and Its Potential Impacts
    September 2017

    National Security Update 3: The 2018 NDAA, the Ballistic Missile Defense Review, and the New EMP Commission
    January 2018

    National Security Update 4: The Implications of China’s Actions in the South China Sea and U.S. Options
    February 2018

    Weighing the Consequences of China’s Control over the South China Sea
    Charles M. Perry, Bobby Andersen
    November 2017, 74 pp

    This monograph, completed and published after the September 2017 death of principal investigator Charles Perry, details the findings of an 18-month project to research, analyze, and examine in depth the various consequences for the United States – and, to a somewhat lesser extent, for its regional allies and partner states – of varying degrees of Chinese control over the South China Sea.