Independent Working Group on Missile Defense

Last updated November 29, 2016

The Independent Working Group (IWG) on Post-ABM Treaty Missile Defense and the Space Relationship, of which IFPA is a member, was formed in 2002. Our goals are severalfold:

  • To examine the evolving threats to the United States, its overseas forces, allies, and coalition partners from the proliferation of ballistic missiles
  • To examine missile defense requirements in the twenty-first-century security setting
  • To assess current missile defense programs in light of technological opportunities in the post-ABM Treaty world
  • To set forth general and specific recommendations for a robust, layered missile defense for the United States

In pursuit of these objectives, the IWG meets several times a year. These meetings provide an opportunity not only to analyze issues directly related to missile defense, but also to identify a large number of additional topics for discussion. The IWG includes members with technical expertise as well as participants familiar with the politics of missile defense.

The latest report, the 2009 Missile Defense, the Space Relationship, and the Twenty-first Century, is intended as a living document, to be updated as necessary in order to provide a basis for informed consideration of missile defense needs. As with the first edition of the report published in 2006, its contents will be reproduced and amplified in other formats in order to assure broader dissemination of the IWG’s work. The full 2009 report is available for download (see sidebar).

IFPA provides organizational support for the IWG. This includes organizing and hosting IWG meetings as well as substantive and editorial inputs into the reports produced under IWG auspices. The IWG consists sponsors, co-chairs, members, and project advisors.