Dr. Charles M. Perry

Before his death in September 2017, Dr. Perry was vice president and director of studies at the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Inc. He wrote extensively on a variety of national and international security issues, especially with respect to NATO affairs and European security, strategic dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region, global arms trade and proliferation trends, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and resource security issues. Principal areas of research and analysis encompassed future defense priorities for NATO, security developments in the Arctic region, civil-military cooperation in support of disaster relief and homeland defense, and the prospects for stability on the Korean Peninsula. Dr. Perry also directed and/or contributed to a number of Institute studies that focused on specific aspects of U.S. defense reform and military transformation to meet post-9/11 security challenges. These included assessing ways to promote and improve a "whole of government" approach to national security that leverages both military and non-military capabilities.

Dr. Perry held an M.A. in international affairs, an M.A. in law and diplomacy, and a Ph.D. in international politics from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. He served as an officer in the United States Army Reserve, and was a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS).