Employment Opportunities

In addition to its research programs, the Institute provides opportunities for training policy analysts. As an independent research center, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an academic association with the Fletcher School, Tufts University, the Institute furnishes a unique link between the academic and policy communities. Nowhere is this relationship more fully evident than in the hands-on training that interns and research associates receive at IFPA.

Working at IFPA offers a new generation of policy planners a broader understanding of the fundamental political and strategic dimensions shaping government and industry choices in the changing global security environment. Interns and research associates gain research experience from direct participation in projects supervised by members of the senior staff, and they have the opportunity to meet with distinguished visitors at Institute conferences and seminars. IFPA has an exceptional record of providing policy-relevant, on-the-job training for interns and research associates, who have gone on to serve with distinction at the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the White House, and on congressional staffs; and in the private sector, including the financial, business, and academic communities, and the media.

IFPA also offers mid-career security-studies professionals with opportunities to serve on its staff as visiting researchers or scholars.